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Imagescopic thrives to be a reliable platform for immensely talented photographers, so their art can reach the right people and businesses, without a geographical barrier. If you are one of them, we are all open arms for you! We have a pretty easy process lined up. Just upload your masterpiece and wait for approval from our quality team. Once approved, you earn a royalty of 40% for each download. If you are an exclusive contributor, the royalty amount can be as high as 60%. 

Sell your edited images.

Your images are going to look amazing when we are done editing. If you wish to make some money, You can sell them further with just a click.

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There’s a reason why we are one of the highest-earning sources for photographers across the globe. While we are quite stringent about the quality of the image, we also compensate the photo artists with lucrative royalty rates. You can find our offerings for the same with respect to sales made through individual contributions or through subscriptions on Imagescopic. Please note these prices depend on your status as an Exclusive or Non-exclusive contributor.

If you become an exclusive member, you get an incremental commission throughout the year. Once you reach a specified level, the increase in royalty will be reflected in your account. For nonexclusive members, these benefits do not hold good. 

Every first day of a year is a fresh start, and therefore the download gets reset to zero. The royalty rate, however,  will remain what you got on the last day of the previous month. 

Our uncompromising quality checks and reasonable royalty rates make us one of the top stock photo agencies. We have pipelined the uploading process in such a way that once you add keywords to your uploads, it will automatically get sorted. As simple as 1,2,3!

More and more photographers flock in to showcase their talent and earn some good cash out of it. Why not join them and generate an income while following your passion! 

Yes, you read that right! We aim to unleash the creative photographer in you, so people including you can benefit from the same. Therefore, we do not set any prior limit to the number of uploads. So you can easily be consistent with your uploads and garner more sales through our website.

If you are a non-exclusive contributor, we consider you as a participant in our partner program, wherein all your uploads are subscription-based. 

What’s stopping you from being a contributor? Our team is looking forward to reviewing your artwork at the earliest! 

Visit our site, register, and send your samples across, now!