Wedding Photography


“Today everything exists to end in photograph” – Susan Sontag

Life is a fairytale and to paint a world of paradise, we all wait for the most cherishable moment i.e. the wedding day. 

From picking out the right outfits to choosing an experienced makeup artist, we make sure that we don’t miss out on the minutest of things for this special occasion. 

Photo editing is an art; and not even a DSLR camera can ensure you the perfect look you want on your most memorable day. Hiding those scarred smudges, dark circles under the eye, and glorifying the cheekbones, we take care of it all while editing your pictures with great meticulousness. 

With the help of our advanced photo editing tools and software, we ensure that every intricate detail of your flawless skin is worth flaunting in front of your family and friends.


From blurring the background to enhancing facial features, our team of experts ensure that you don’t have to struggle with mediocrity. Some of the editing aspects of wedding photography editing include :


  • Skin colour balance and natural colour correction
  • Portrait enhancement
  • Realistic removal of blemishes
  • Enhanced makeup and subtle skin tone

So, what are you waiting for? Add colours to the most precious moments of your life with Imagescopic!





  • USD: 0.20
​ min 100 photos

  •  Light Correction
  • Color Correction


  • USD: 0.50
​ min 100 photos

  •  Light Correction
  • Crop Image
  • Slight Background Enhancement
  • Solid Background Extending
  • Color Correction
  • Small Unwanted Objects Removal


  • USD: 50.00

  • Pro Corrections
  • Backdrop Changing
  • Unwanted Objects Removal
  • Complex Photo Manipulation
  • Merging Big Amount of Images
  • Professional Stylization/Many Different Effects/Objects Adding

Wedding Photography Examples

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